St Lucia’s 10 Best All Inclusive Resorts: A Review Compilation (Updated March 2019)

Both the caliber and exclusivity of St Lucia all inclusive resorts is unparalleled. With so many to sort through I thought to compile a list of the highest rated all inclusive luxury resorts the island has to offer (I have my personal favorite resorts listed on the home page, but these have been heavily researched and placed in the order of their ratings).

One of the frustrations I have had in the past is finding which resort has the highest rating. I would check on one site, be impressed with the five star review, only to go to another travel review site and find that the rating was substantially lower.

We have put a lot of work into this post compiling reviews from the world’s top travel sites.

For each resort we assembled reviews from TripAdvisor,, Expedia and of course Google reviews. Those with the highest aggregate review score ranked highest in our list.

List of the Top 10 All Inclusive Resorts in Saint Lucia.

#10. Bay Gardens Beach Resort and Spa

When child-friendly and affordable come together, you know you’ve found the best possible place to stay for your next family vacation. Locally owned, operated and founded by former school teacher Joyce Destange, the Bay Gardens Beach Resort has focussed on keeping the resort family-oriented from the start.

Berthia Parle, who was the flag-bearer of the resort ever since it opened 20 years ago, has now passed down the role to Ms. Waltrude Patrick. She was a long time general manager and wishes to continue the personalized approach to running the hotel and will continue to make it a go-to place for family fun.

Hobie Catting? Crab Hunts? Beach Games? You’ll find all these and more at the Bay Gardens Beach Resort and Spa. While the adults go out on excursions, the children are entertained by trained child professionals who go out of their way to make the children feel as connected to the St. Lucian landscape as possible.

Tours, non-motorized water sports and cultural programs are of full access to each adventurous adult stationed at the resort. Geography unique from anywhere else in the world offers a wealth of ways to entertain young and old alike.

Choosing a setting for a resort can be challenging, especially on a hilly, mountainous island. However, the Bay Gardens Beach resort and spa has done an outstanding job of choosing the ideal destination.


Positioned only a few steps from the beach, guests from both TripAdvisor and have commented on how they come back to this resort time and again due to its picturesque and convenient location. With strong security and friendly staff, this resort offers much in the way of entertainment and beauty.


While the resort itself (and its location) are absolutely amazing, there always has to be one drawback. In this resort, it seems to be the vendors that line the beach. Travellers from TripAdvisor especially, seemed to be bothered by the constant stream of vendors approaching them with anything from specialty cocktails to St. Lucian souvenirs.

If you’re the type who prefers an uninterrupted tanning session, you may find yourself annoyed with constant sales pitches. However if collecting souvenirs is how you remember an amazing trip, this place will be a treasure chest of opportunity.

Expedia: 4.4/5

TripAdvisor: 4.5/5 8.5/10

Google Reviews: 4.4

Average rating: 4.38/5

#9. Windjammer Landing

When Christopher Columbus landed in America, he exclaimed that the air was “so fragrant that it was delicious to breathe it.” Situated in a place still natural and wild, the Windjammer Landing Villa and Beach Resort envelops you in this delicious air, relaxing you from the get-go.

The owner of the resort, Don Smith, founded the resort under the name of his construction company, EllisDon Corp. The construction company could barely handle the extra costs of the floundering project at the time, and both companies nearly went under. However, with hard work on the part of Don and his brother Davis, both have prevailed and exist today. Don passed away in 2013, but the resort is still owned by his original company.

Original villas still grace the resort, but more modern ones have become very popular. Almost all of the suites include a private spa tub and excellent Wi-Fi services.

For teens and children, the main attractions come in the form of things like pizza parties on the beach and coconut bowling. The staff will take care of everything from start to finish, entertaining the tweens for an evening. Each attraction focusses on employing every aspect of the Caribbean landscape to the max.


Guests from TripAdvisor and Expedia noted how happy they were that Windjammer offered both all-inclusive options as well as pay-as-you-go. Since the all inclusive food options are slightly repetitive, paying for each meal separately may have costed a little more, but definitely paid off in regards to varying and delicious meals. Some however, preferred the all-inclusive so their entire vacation was of royal status.


Leaky pipes? “We’ll get to it.” Broken TV?  Maybe later” You’d like to speak to the manager? “She’s gone for the week.” These responses were found to be par for the course at the Windjammer Landing. Multiple guests across many travel sites noted how terribly trained in hospitality and service the staff were.

One couple had a shower that shut off every 60 seconds. Since the maintenance crews refused to check the plumbing or move them to a new room, they were stuck with very short showers for the duration of their week-long stay.

Long story short: be prepared to be persistent when something’s wrong. If the manager happens to be there, be sure to let her know! Constructive criticism will allow them to improve for the next visitors.

Expedia: 4.3/5

TripAdvisor: 4.5/5 8.5/10

Google Reviews: 4.6/5

Average rating: 4.41/5

#8. Fond Doux Plantation and Resort

While you’re out wandering the world, be sure to make a pit stop at the Fond Doux Plantation.

The location opened as just a plantation in 1999.

Eroline and Lyton Lamotagne provided day tours for visitors and served snacks and lunch to go alongside. In 2015, they finally expanded and opened a resort that focussed on nature preservation. Now, all their activities are centred on local traditions as well as conservationist methods.

Since the resort is owned and operated by locals, it becomes uniquely special in that each person is welcomed by the people who raised the resort from the ground up.

To go along with their sustainability ambitions, they have made the entire resort eco-friendly.

As mentioned on their webpage, they go by the idea that “memories aren’t just based on luxurious accommodations, but actual experiences.” With this thought in mind, they provide guests with things like complimentary plantation tours, organic cooking classes, or nature trail expeditions.

Another guest favourite is the tree planting the resort takes pride in. Each guest is given a tree that they may plant anywhere in the gardens of the resort. After the tree is firmly planted, the guests can label their tree for future guests to see. This way, each traveller feels more connected to the land and in turn, helps it thrive.


Scrolling through reviews, it was noticeable on both TripAdvisor and that the resort went above and beyond in many ways. One of the favourites was the “super-cute” and “excellent” hammock that is housed on each cottage patio.

It created a personal feel that was further exemplified by the friendly presence of local owners and staff. Definitely more down-to-earth than some of the chain resorts, guests seemed to enjoy the peaceful and relaxed atmosphere.


For many guests, there was only one huge drawback. This was the fact that walking to the beach was virtually impossible, considering there were no walking paths leading in this direction and the beach was very far out.

The resort has tried to rectify the problem by sending daily shuttles out to Sugar beach as well as Jalousie Beach. The ride is twisty and bumpy however, so if you are someone prone to car sickness, it is recommended to come prepared in order to make the ride as enjoyable as possible.

Expedia: 4.5/5

TripAdvisor: 4.5/5 8.8/10

Google Reviews: 4.3/5

Average rating: 4.42/5

#7. Sandals Regency La Toc Golf Resort and Spa

A smile is a universal symbol of happiness. At Sandals Regency, people from across the world enter and stay in the resort with this expression gracing their faces. They strive to be the most glamorous resort on the Island, providing guests with an adults-only experience full of relaxation as well as entertainment.

Opened by Gordon “Butch” Stewart in the year 1993, it became the first of three Sandals Resorts on the small Island of St. Lucia. He built it on the philosophy that “the winning formula is to find out what people want, give it to them and, in doing so, exceed their expectations.” Since then, they have kept this goal as a focal point and exceed guest’s expectations on a regular basis.

 Events such as karaoke, talents shows and live bands are a regular occurrence at Sandals Regency, offering the guests an opportunity to be stars for a night. In those moments where doing nothing at all sounds like the best plan, opportunities for that will pop up all around you as well.


The main attraction that places this resort over and above the others, is its complimentary access to a well-equipped golf course. When staying at any of the three sandals resorts on the Island, you will have access to the two golf courses under their command. Since the one is right next to Sandals Regency, you don’t even have to travel to get your sport on.

Being treated like royalty is common to guests at Sandals Regency. Vacationers commented on how each day their sheets and pillowcases were refreshed for the following night. This way, crawling into bed at night does not feel like the end of something good, but rather the beginning of a relaxing experience. Even your subconscious hours are well-provided for here at Sandals Regency La Toc.


Many of the travellers agreed that the check-in process was annoying and confusing; much more of a hassle than it needed to be. After taking an hour long bus ride up to the resort, many were forced to wait from anywhere between 30-45 minutes before checking in on the iPad system. At the desk, minimal information was given about the resort unless you chose for the Butler service (other guests have commented that check-in was “quick and breezy” so it may depend on who your representative is).

Expedia: N/A

TripAdvisor: 4.5/5 8.8/10

Google Reviews: 4.3/5

Average rating: 4.43/5

#6. Marigot Bay Resort and Marina by Capella

Reaching number six of the top ten all-inclusive resorts on an island laden with vacationer’s havens is no easy feat, but Marigot Bay Resort manages just fine.

Formerly known as the Discovery Hotel, this resort was purchased by a group of New York investors in 2013. The resort reopened in 2014 after significant changes and upgrades in design as well as hospitality. Now run by an amazing team of trained individuals, the resort has become one of the most coveted on the island.

Marigot Bay Resort is very special in that it is built around a marina. While this may sound unappealing and busy, the Marina is very beautiful and well kept. As author James A. Michener once said, it’s “the most beautiful bay in the Caribbean.”

Yachts that lay in this marina are some of the most elegant and luxurious in the world, offering guests once-in-a-lifetime views. Another view you’ll only get at the Marigot Bay resort is the one presented on the Ridge Climb guided by the hotel staff. An experienced guide takes the guests on what can be described as a scavenger hunt; a search for rare bird species, lizards, specific trees as well as beautiful birds and other wild life. The resident ranger will answer any questions you may have and show you some of his favourite lookouts along the way.


Multiple comments applauded the ‘turn-down services’ that the Capella resorts offer. The beds are opened at night and small chocolates placed on each of the pillows. This makes visitors feel special and appreciated; exactly the feeling Capella tries to create.

Some guests commented on how they were met with champagne and plantain chips upon arrival, putting a smile on their faces before they had even seen the resort. Shout-out to the best hospitality on the Island!


Understandably so, many guests were disappointed by the absence of a beach by the resort. Though the resort clearly advertises for the beach across the water, it seems that many guests did not pick up on the fact that there was no place on the resort to feel the sand between your toes.

However, to counter this, the resort offers a free water taxi that leaves every hour on the hour between 10 am and 5 pm. This way, you can spend the hot hours on a beach soaking up the sun and get a free boat trip as well!

Expedia: 4.6/5

TripAdvisor: 4.5/5 9.0/10

Google Reviews: 4.5/5

Average rating: 4.52/5

#5. Calabash Cove Resort and Spa

When everyone’s family, what’s not to love? At Calabash Cove, founder Konrad Wagner and his team of experts work to make each visitor feel like part of a close-knit family.

After working as a hospitality manager in a few other St. Lucian Resorts, Konrad Wagner took over the barely-functioning Calabash Cove project and turned it into one of the most flourishing all-inclusive resorts on the Island. The finishing touches were put on the resort in the year 2009, and shortly later opened it for service.

Since then, it has been providing guests with exceptional experiences and stellar entertainment.

One of Plato’s famous quotes states, “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and a life to everything.” At Calabash Cove, they invite you to experience this in their Whisper Music Room.

They know how hard it can be to escape the frenetic pace of everyday life, so they provide this lounge room for all the quiet things in life. Feel free to meditate, read, soak up your surrounding or even take a catnap on one of the couches.

In the background soft, sweet music will give wings to your mind and flight to your imagination. Once completely relaxed, they invite you to join them on garden tours that feature 1300 different plant species native to the Island. Bridges, flowerbeds and ocean views along this walk provide perfect opportunities for a photoshoot!


Across all the travel sites, vacationers agree that the extra money it takes to purchase a stay in a swim-up room is definitely worth it. Stepping off the deck into a large infinity pool and swimming a few strokes brings you directly to a well-stocked swim-up bar. These Junior Suites house only two adults, so snap one up for your honeymoon!


On the downside, guests from TripAdvisor have discovered that midnight snackers may find themselves out of luck at Calabash Cove. Vending machines are few and far between and, according to previous vacationers, there are very few places to find chips or a chocolate bar. For those of you who wake up to prowl for snacks, it’s recommended that you bring a few of your own to stock the minibar.

Expedia: 4.7/5

TripAdvisor: 4.5/5 8.8/10

Google Reviews: 4.5/5

Average rating: 4.52/5

#4. Sandals Grande Resort and Spa

As John Keats once penned, “The poetry of earth is never dead.”

The Sandals Grande takes every advantage of this by setting the resort in picturesque, postcard perfect surroundings. Opened as the third of its kind in the year 2002, the resort is now 16 years experienced.

Gordon Stewart, the founder of Sandals Grande, had a clear goal for all the Sandals resorts. They are to support the community they were built in. Schools were taken under the wing of the Sandals Company and children are being taught the value of community, health and environment. This way, they help conserve the beautiful landscape through generations to come.

Now the owner of 19 resorts across the world, Gordon Stewart makes sure that each of the travellers reaps the benefits of well-kept landscapes.

Coveted over-the-water bungalows are sprinkled throughout Sandals Grande. Each bungalow includes a Sandals tranquility tub (hot tub), an over-the-water hammock, outdoor shower, swim-up platform, and clear glass floors that open up the gorgeous under-sea world. These rooms are always booked far ahead of time so snap yours up quickly!

One bonus to staying at this resort is that when you pay for an all-inclusive package you not only have access to the Sandals Grande but the facilities of Sandals Halcyon and Sandals Regency are available to you as well! Sometimes guests are even moved, free-of-charge, to a different location so they can enjoy every aspect of St. Lucia.


In general, reviewers of this resort agree that the Sandals Grande has enough fun for a lifetime concentrated right on the grounds. On TripAdvisor, the speedboat tours seem to be the most well-loved, described as “wild and carefree” by multiple guests. An experienced crew will take you out early in the day and keep you entertained for a long tour, packing a lot into a single day. At night, they can take you out on a party boat, livening up the party by telling some of their hilarious experiences or taking you to special locations. Definitely a go-to excursion for fun-loving travellers.


While the birds are very pretty in St. Lucia, multiple guests have commented on how their droppings are disgusting and very high in number. Even the private beaches and patios are covered by their feces. However, they also comment that without all these gorgeous creatures the trip would definitely not be the same. The resort is more than willing to come clean your area, all you need to do is let them know. After all, your vacation should be everything you ever dreamed of!

Expedia: N/A

TripAdvisor: 4.5/5 9.2/10

Google Reviews: 4.5/5

Average rating: 4.53/5

#3. Cap Maison Resort and Spa

If resorts could introduce themselves, this one would certainly have a lot to say! The all-inclusive Cap Maison started with the Gobat family building a vacation home for their friends and family.

Now, many years later, Helen and Theo Gobat have turned the ‘vacation home’ into one of the most loved luxury boutique resorts in St. Lucia. Offering a romantic get-away experience, guests of Cap Maison will experience beautiful ocean views, unmatchable hospitality, and buildings unique to the resort. The spa opened in 2008 and has been popular ever since.

There are many opportunities to see the landscape at the Cap Maison on a more physical level, interacting with nature through things like snorkeling or hobie-catting off of private docks.

A guest favourite is the running and hiking club that you can join at any time. Guided cliff-top hikes and stunning beach trails allow guests to get their workout in while enjoying remote beaches of the Caribbean.

At night, relaxation comes in the form of some of the most talented entertainment acts in St. Lucia, as well as two highly recommended St. Lucian restaurants.

The main attraction of this resort however, is their champagne zip line. A few guests even commented on how this zip line was one of the highlights of their stay. It is connected to the Cliff (one of the two amazing restaurants) and drops down to private guest rooms, allowing the serving staff to send down bottles of ice cold champagne along with some of their famous canapes. Who could resist?


“Roof-top pools? Incredible!

Many guests from both and TripAdvisor have commented on how beautiful, secluded and innovative the roof-top pools are. Spiral staircases located just outside the sliding doors of private suites take you up to the roof and lead you to private, clean and heated pools. Just keep your balance because the stairs aren’t guarded by handrails!


While enjoying these pools and the rest of their stay at Cap Maison Resort and Spa, some travellers have discovered a few unwanted guests. Multiple globe-trotters from both TripAdvisor and Expedia have commented on how “terribly annoying” and “horribly invasive” the mosquitoes are in the rooms, especially at night. The resort has put in mosquito netting around the beds as well as taken preventative measures outside, but it is recommended to bring your own repellents to make your stay regret-free.

Expedia: 4.6/5

TripAdvisor: 4.5/5 9.1/10

Google Reviews: 4.7/5

Average rating: 4.58/5

#2. Anse Chastanet and sister Resort, Jade Mountain

Innovative. Unique. Beautiful. These words describe the picturesque beach resort Anse Chastanet perfectly.

Founded by architectural designer Nick Troubetzkoy in the year 1968, this resort has since become one of the most popular in St. Lucia. Troubetzkoy’s resort was built to match its natural surroundings, using rooftop gardens and sweeping walkways to blend in with the mountainous nature.

The only resort situated to view both the Piti and Gros Piton Mountains, Anse Chastanet guarantees visitors a serene and beautiful stay.

It’s sister resort, Jade Mountain, is connected to the Anse Chastanet and offers an adult-only experience, complete with secluded beach-front villas and private infinity pools.

Room-specific skyways lead guests to their private sanctuaries and infinity pools, impressing them with immaculate views of Caribbean Landscape along the way. Each of the rooms and cottages are individually designed and advertised, allowing guests to choose every aspect of their experience.

Some rooms are built with only three walls, the fourth kept away so vacationers can experience a direct connection with the outdoors. Every aspect of the hotel is designed to make the visitors feel as though they are living in sync with the universe.


Travellers on both TripAdvisor and Expedia use phrases like “beyond helpful,” “absolutely fantastic,” and “incomparably wonderful” to describe the staff on both these resorts. Obviously hand-picked with special care, the staff are trained to make your experience the best it can be.

In line with this, guests have commented on how exquisite the food is. As avid local business supporters, owners Nick and Karolin Troubetzkoy try to keep the menu St. Lucia-inspired, even growing some of their own ingredients right on the grounds. Four carefully planned menus keep every taste bud satisfied, even accommodating people with needs such as vegetarian or pescetarian diets. Each plate is handcrafted by a passionate, knowledgeable chef and is delivered with an elegant flair.


Some travellers have stated that the hot hours of the day are the perfect time for taking a dip in the infinity pools or strolling along the ocean’s edge. Others however, have expressed their distaste for how the rooms are built without one wall, thereby allowing heat to overtake the rooms.

Since no air-conditioners are present to rebuff the heat in these specially designed sanctuaries, a few guests noted that they switched to closed rooms in order to enjoy their trip to full capacity.

Another issue visitors had was that the drive up to the resort was uncomfortable at best. Many vacationers recommended staying at the resort for the full length of time to avoid taking this trip more often than necessary. For most, the unsurpassed beauty of this carefully designed resort makes powering through these setbacks an insignificant battle.

Expedia: 4.65/5 9.45/10

TripAdvisor: 4.75/5

Google Reviews: 4.7/5

Average Rating:  4.71/5

#1. East Winds Inn

The common Chinese Folklore that “good things come in small packages” once again rings true in regards to the East Winds Inn. All-inclusive, tranquil, cozy and welcoming, this resort gathers one amazing review after another from travellers who have decided to make this their home-away-from-home.

Built in 1967, the boutique hotel first consisted of just ten small cottages. Since, it has added 25 more suites throughout the Caribbean landscape.

The rooms are not large but include everything you need. The management focuses on one main aspect: keeping your stay as peaceful as possible. All the watersports they offer are non-motorized, keeping noise levels to a minimum.

After exerting yourself in any way, they invite you to join them in their Jasmine room, one of the favorite attractions of the resort. Delicious bite-sized cakes and tasty hand mixed drinks are served all day at this open-air tearoom.

Later at night another guest favourite opens up. The Bamboo Lounge provides the resort with nightly acts featuring local artists who entertain the guests with witty banter and considerable musical skill.


Travellers choose East Winds Inn for one main reason: class. The staff at this resort are considered an “absolute joy.” Natural charisma can be found in each of the team members and this rubs off on each of the guests. The manager herself is often present, ensuring that each of her charges are satisfied.  She takes the time to go over each of the things they wished were better and will often change these disappointments into highlights for her later guests. Each review posted on TripAdvisor is responded to in a happy manner, allowing the guests to feel a connection even after their vacation is long over.


Ironically, the main complaints of travellers to this hotel are about the other guests.

Many couples who choose to make this their honey moon destination find that there are no other couples their own age. The majority of guests at this resort are European, especially in high season, and many seem to be seniors. While this may be a disappointment for the younger generations, it may also serve as an attraction for the older ones. For people who enjoy a slow-paced, relaxed atmosphere, this is the place to book.

Expedia: 5.0/5

TripAdvisor: 5.0/5 9.5/10

Google Reviews: 4.8/5

Average rating: 4.88/5

In Conclusion

Truth be told you most likely won’t be disappointed with any of the resorts on this list.

All are of the highest caliber, and all are highly rated across multiple review sites.

Not seeing a resort on this list you feel belongs? Reach out to us at