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Having heard a lot about St. Lucia I planned on a short holiday with my fiancé to this amazing Caribbean island. This trip has made me realize what paradise really looks like. There is no measure to the beauty and exquisiteness of nature in St. Lucia. I will be forever thankful to everyone who made this vacation so special for us.

Woman on boat near St Lucia Pitons

Our 5-day stay at the Sugar Beach St Lucia resort has played a key role in etching unforgettable memories in our hearts that will last a lifetime. That is the reason why I want to share my incredible experience through the following lines.

Breathtaking Spectacle That Rejuvenates You

The drive to Sugar Beach resort is almost an hour and a half long from St. Lucia’s George F.L. Charles airport. I felt a bit tired initially, but when we reached the resort all the lethargy suddenly vanished in thin air. It was a sight to behold!

St Lucia Sign

The Sugar Beach resort lies in a perfect hillside location right between the Piton Mountains, and is encompassed by more than a hundred acres of abundant tropical gardens running over with papaya, mango and coconut trees. This marvelous view is perfected by the cove-like beach, which accentuates the gorgeous natural scenery.

There is no doubt that the Sugar Beach Victorian resort is situated in an extraordinary location- the magnificent Piton valley! This luxurious resort is perfect for you if you are looking for an isolate, cavernous accommodation in a spectacular location adorned with natural beauty.

The resort offers numerous options in rooms, cottages, beachfront bungalows and villas that give you a mind-boggling view of either the ocean or the mountains. We also found out that every accommodation includes an opulent four-posted bed, plunge pool, private patio as well as an exclusive butler service.

A look into the past

Before making our reservations at the Sugar Beach resort, we did some research to learn about its origin…

Interestingly, this resort was once a sugar plantation, with a long list of owners that includes Lord Glenconner, who was famous for being friends with Princess Margaret, as well as the Bang Restaurant’s popular ex-owner. Presently, this resort belongs to Roger Myers, who transformed over a period of 3 years, spending several millions of dollars to re-launch it as the “Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort” in 2012. The Viceroy Hotel Group is and has been managing this resort since 2008.

Warm and Friendly Service

We had seen the pictures of this resort online but in reality, the resort covers a vast area and it took us some time to get used to the scenario. This resort is way more beautiful and sophisticated than what we had imagined it to be. It is truly luxurious in every sense of the word. The shuttle service provided by the resort transported us from point A to B, where a jeep (safari type) was waiting to take us to our cottage. It was fun and exciting to drive though the tropical gardens, past the countless waterfalls, and our driver was very warm and welcoming.

St Lucia Bexon waterfall

Our booking at the Sugar Beach Resort was made at a Luxury Cottage. On arriving, the butler who was assigned to us, Karl, showed us to our suite. Not only was he courteous, but also very helpful, especially in assisting us with the restaurant reservations, excursions and shuttle service. We were also provided with a cell phone to get in touch with butlers as and when required.

The room itself was gorgeous to look at- the four-poster bed, the mosquito net, the walk-in closet, a large TV with DVD player, in-room safe and a large bathroom with signature amenities- everything was so spic and span that we were speechless. Not to mention, the plunge pool and private patio added to the sophisticated look of the cottage.

Karl, our personalized butler, provided us with citronella candles and bug spray to help us enjoy our time at the patio. I must admit that the staff members seemed to be present everywhere, and they were always willing to help us out or engage in small talk to help us feel at home in the Sugar Beach resort.

Accommodations at luxury Sugar Beach Resort in St Lucia

Amazing Activities to Keep You Engaged

One thing was clear right from the start- there would be no shortage of activities on this resort- and we did not feel bored for a second! The small but arresting touches added by the Sugar Beach St Lucia resort like the flame torches that illuminate the pathways, or the free coconut and mango ice-creams served on the beach, or even the intriguing lanterns hanging on the trees, will make you want to re-visit this place.

Although we did not have kids we found out that the resort caters to families as well. Children are also provided with children’s club. You can also ask the concierge to provide you with information about the excursions and book trips that are organized by the resort. If you want to explore this island on your own then you can also rent a car from the car rental desk provided by the resort.

While there are several hot tourist spots to explore on this island like the botanical gardens, the exquisite waterfalls, Soufriere town and the drive-in volcano, the long list of complimentary activities offered by the resort makes it difficult to take time out to visit these popular tourist spots. However, we had already made plans to visit these locations on our own.

Sugar Beach complimentary activities include golf, horse riding, windsurfing, hiking, table tennis (paddle) and scuba diving. We made it to the gym regularly during our stay here. The weight machines and cardio machines are state-of-the-art and worth your time. You do have to pay additional amount of money for horse riding, scuba diving, excursions, golf and fishing. We spent a lot of time on the beach, mostly because of the resident DJ and live music that enhanced the ambience along the beach.

St Lucia Dune Buggy Excursion

Pampered by Nature: Sugar Beach St Lucia Does Not Disappoint!

One of the greatest attractions of the Sugar Beach resort, I believe, is the Rainforest Spa. It is constructed in a tree-house style, and its seven treatment rooms appear to be individual tree-houses that are connected with each other by bridges.

Karl brought us Bellinis made from fresh fruits in an open-air gazebo that seemed to be suspended over water (running from the Petit Piton’s base). The natural treatments provided to us were all chemical-free, and included the Caribbean Glow body scrub, the heated lava shell massage (where shells are placed on deep tissue and pressure points to help relax the body), and the Natura Bisse Facial (where an enzyme detox deep cleans the skin). The mesmerizing environment enhanced by the native birds’ sounds made us feel relaxed and cozy.

Our Excursion just outside the Sugar Beach St Lucia Resort

We had pre-booked our excursions via our tour agent which included the Sunset Cruise and the Highlights of Soufriere. The Soufriere tour stretched for longer than we had expected, and it included tours of the botanical garden, cocoa plantation, the drive-in volcano/mud baths along with a tour of the Tet Paul Nature trail.

This trail should not be mistaken to be a hike; alternatively, you can opt for a hike on the Gros Piton mountain if you feel physically fit to do so. The view was spectacular at Tet Paul and the walk along the trail was worth every bit of energy we spent. We were happy with the Sunset Cruise, but the rum punch was pretty strong for us! Our driver suggested us to dine at the Dasheene. The dinner was not as expensive as expected, especially when compared to the Sugar Beach St Lucia resort. Speaking of high price, the only issue that we faced was the food and drink bills at this luxurious resort in St. Lucia.

The Food and Drinks Experience

If you are booking through a tour/travel agent, it is best for you to opt for the “all inclusive” plan in case you are on a tight budget, or have no intention to splurge on food or drinks when staying at the Sugar Beach.

There is no doubt that the food served here is of exceptional quality, and you will get more options in supplements if you dine at the beach front restaurant instead of the great room. Moreover, we did not have to pay extra money at the beach front restaurant, which also offered daily specials to the customers.

Sugar Beach All Inclusive Restaurant

The resort prices for food and drinks were way above our expectations.

The water and Piton beer in the refrigerator (our room) were not charged for. The Cane bar and the Bayside restaurants were where we would eat (twice each). We loved the amazing variety of cuisines including the lobster, sushi, rib eye, etc. As mentioned earlier, the quality of food was superior but so was the price. I clearly remember that we never paid anything less than a hundred US dollars for any of the meals (which also included 1 or 2 drinks).

Apart from the Dasheene, we also ate at Martha’s Table to cut down on the expense. The good thing is that the terrace breakfast at the Sugar Beach resort was not charged for separately. The food was served in great portions and there was meat, fruits, breads and cheese spread options to choose from. Coffee and fresh juice was also available every day, but we had to pay extra for the bottled water.

At the Cane Bar the service was amazing and the sushi was delicious.

On the first night, Tony, our server was quite friendly and warm. The service at the beach was also good, and we ordered drinks and snacks almost daily. The spring rolls and conch fritters were thoroughly enjoyable.

Cool towels and cleaning sunglasses were also provided to us which was very thoughtful of the Sugar Beach resort staff. When we were on our own, we decided to hit the town for some wine. A driver charged us twenty five dollars (US) to help us shop for liquor and wine in the town.

My final thoughts…

Since we went to St. Lucia during the off season, the crowd was less intimidating. We were told that only half the capacity of the resort was occupied. And it was evident because we had no trouble soaking up the sun along the enormous pool, or finding a beach lounger for ourselves.

Snorkeling was total fun and also free of cost. The underwater life made us gape in awe. And despite the fact that all the beaches in St Lucia are open for public, the Sugar Beach All Inclusive resort did prevent some guests from entering the beach area occupied by the resort.

Sugar Beach all inclusive resort snorkelling

All in all, our experience at the Sugar Beach was intriguing, romantic, luxurious and beautiful. The staff at the resort are highly experienced and they know how to treat their guests.

There was not a moment when we felt lost or confused because someone was always there to help us out. Despite the fact that stray cats roam around the resort premises, they don’t really bother any guest. And if you happen to be animal lovers like us, you will have no problem with these furry creatures loitering around.

And the number of activities to do during your stay will make you want to extend your vacation at the Sugar Beach. Each and every detail is catered to with excellence. The food might be expensive but it is also excellent to taste, and if you don’t want to eat at the resort’s restaurants you can easily head for the nearest restaurant outside the resort premise to squash your hunger pangs.

Sugar Beach Photos St Lucia

This place is worth every penny you spend. Be it cleanliness, good food or punctual service offered at the Sugar Beach resort- you will not have any reason to complain. The butlers and servers are so wonderful and friendly that you might even want to stay in touch with them after leaving this place. In fact, we still keep in touch with Karl and he introduced us to his family before we left.

The resort’s location is so exquisite that you will fall in love with it the moment you set foot on the premises. I would definitely want to come back for our honeymoon as the ambience here is intoxicating, and the resort is genuinely luxurious and comfortable.

St Lucia as a whole is not as popular or “touristy” as I would have expected it to be and that just makes it all the more special as it seems like the Sugar Beach resort was a treasure we found.