St Lucia has long been a favourite destination of mine. Why? Stable weather, amazing resorts and hotels, and true exclusivity. The island offers resorts from entry level to some of the most exotic all inclusive resorts in the world.

I always prefer stay at one of the many all inclusive resorts that the island offers. I’ve been to countless resorts across the world, and I keep coming back to St Lucia as my destination of choice time and time again. Yes, I like it so much I’ve dedicated this site to it!

Let me guess…You’ve been looking at all inclusive St Lucia Resorts for some time now. You’ve read the countless short reviews on some of the more popular ones and you still don’t know which to choose. You only have a week on the island, and also want to know which sites and activities to visit (Pitons? Hotel Chocolat? Dune Buggies?).

I’m here to help.

When I plan a trip I CAN’T STAND to go through dozens (hundreds?) of short reviews about a resort that simply highlight a couple of high or low points of their experience and then leave a star rating.

If I am dropping $10,000 or more a week on one of these exotic luxury hotels I want to explore the resort in it’s entirety, and really know what I am spending my money on prior to committing. I also don’t want to sift through countless different resorts online and be more and more confused the more I research.

Yes, feel free to continue to dig around the web browsing other St Lucia all inclusive resorts. But remember, 99% of the reviews you are reading are from people who have only experienced that one resort on the island. They are reviewing a single resort with no direct comparators to reference.

I’ve stayed at the 7 of the most luxurious resorts on the island, and there are three resorts that (bar none) stand head and shoulders above the rest. IN MY OPINION, the top three all inclusive resorts on St Lucia are:

  1. Jade Mountain Resort
  2. Sugar Beach Resort
  3. Sandals Grande Resort

Now don’t get me wrong, Sugar Beach is not really a “lesser” resort than Jade Mountain. Let’s be real, when you are staying at resorts of this caliber there is little to gripe about and almost no flaws to be found. But in the words of Dom Toretto “Winning’s winning” and Jade Mountain Resort does have a slight edge over the rest. Yes, I realize that Sandals Grande is part of a worldwide chain of resorts and not quite as exclusive as the other two, but man, has Sandals ever dialled in the resort experience (especially this particular one!).

Please, have a look around the site, read up on my top three (or read our comprehensive guide to the top 10 resorts) and feel free to browse through the blog and explore some of my favourite activities on the island.

Thanks for stopping by!