Jade Mountain Resort

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I headed to Jade Mountain Resort seeking a place where I could completely relax.

No schedules, no appointments, no emails, no phone calls. Just a gloriously comfortable suite, an eye-popping view and a cold fruity cocktail with plenty of Caribbean rum.

I don’t think I could have found a better place to achieve my goal of pure relaxation. There’s a deep sense of calm and quiet here (probably because the resort allows no young children and has no televisions).

It’s a tranquil sanctuary that is popular with honeymooners and solo travelers who want to completely unwind and forget about the rest of the world for a while. By the time my stay here was finished, I felt more fully rested, peaceful and calm than I have felt in years.

Here is my review of the Jade Mountain All Inclusive Resort

Arriving at the Jade Mountain Resort

Our private charter flight to St Lucia was quick and uneventful. The drive to the resort was long and bumpy, down very basic roads that wind through the lush vegetation and up the hillside. When we finally reached the top I was feeling a little worse for wear, but one look at the view and I was instantly reinvigorated.

Gazing out at the sparkling Caribbean and the imposing mountains actually brought tears to my eyes – I felt so fortunate to be in such a beautiful place.

Incredible views from the edge of the Jade Mountain elite luxury resort.

Warning: the WiFi was terrible.

So, if you plan to stay connected or do any online work during your stay, you may find yourself frustrated. However, I didn’t mind. I wasn’t there to use the internet, I was there to completely disconnect and give my mind a break after a very busy quarter at work.

The lack of WiFi was a blessing for me, as it forced me to slow down, live in the moment, read more and pay more attention to my surroundings – and what incredible surroundings they were!

Stunning Layout

The layout of this resort feels so natural that you would almost guess that it grew organically rather than being carefully designed. The stone walkways, sculpted pillars and cascading koi pools zig-zag and flow down the mountain.

The hotel has been entirely built from locally sourced materials, so it blends in effortlessly with its natural surroundings yet has its own modern twists. Each of the 24 suites has its own private “sky path” which is an individual bridge that is suspended from a network of columns. There are a lot of stairs and suspended bridges here – so this wouldn’t be a great place for someone with mobility issues.

“SkyPath” bridge leading to one of the suites.

Even most of the ingredients used in the restaurant come from the island. They have their own garden where they grow all kinds of spices and vegetables and the freshness of the ingredients really comes across in the tastes of the food. They even make their own jellies and breads from scratch every day.

The Suites

Each one of the large suites has a wall completely open to the jaw-dropping view of the Pitons and the shimmering Caribbean Sea. The open design means that you fall asleep every night to the sounds of the insects and frogs chattering away in the forest around you.

It’s a little bit disconcerting at first to be staying in a room with only three walls, but the views are breathtaking and it didn’t take me long to get used to it.

My suite had no air conditioning, but this was not a problem at all because it was naturally so open and airy and had many fans. I felt so connected to nature. I even had a visitor one morning – a tiny bird who swooped in and landed on the table, tilting his head and blinking at me as I sipped my coffee.

Photo of an elite suite at the Jade Mountain Resort in St Lucia.

It’s hot and humid though, so I didn’t bother with much makeup or hair products as they would have melted off in the heat anyway. Also, one thing to watch out for is the mosquitos – when the sun goes down they came out in droves and tried to eat me alive.

Fortunately, the resort supplies citronella candles so as soon as I learned to light one of those in the evening it worked to keep away most of the mosquitos. Also, the beds are equipped with mosquito netting to protect you while you are sleeping.

Come for the Food, Stay for the Pools

Most of the suites have their own infinity pools or Jacuzzis, where you can soak while admiring the view. The pools even have their own tweakable lighting, so that you can set the perfect mood and they are decorated with their own unique pattern of dazzling jewel-toned glass tiles.

Sitting in my Jacuzzi with a glass of wine and a good book quickly became my favourite way to relax in the evenings. Jade Mountain resort really offers some incredible experiences for their guests. 

The Sky Suites would be the most stunning suites in most resorts anywhere else in the world, but Jade Mountain goes one step further with the Sun, Star or Moon Sanctuary – the ultimate height of luxury. It’s all about the little details within the room that make you feel pampered, such as the Molton Brown toiletries, the mini fridge, the luxurious robe, the espresso machine, etc.

Superb Service and Amenities

I loved having the services of Davidson and Teddy, the wonderful “majordomos” available for anything I needed. They took care of all of my requests with a smile and I was treated like royalty. This comes as no surprise, as they were trained by the very prestigious Guild of Professional English Butlers.

They stayed out of the way if I wanted privacy, but when I needed them they were there right away. I felt so pampered – especially with the yummy little snack box that appeared in my room every day.

When I checked in I noticed that there was a lot of information to read over at check in, as well as several booklets in the room to read with all of the excursions and extras that the resort has to offer. I must confess, I found them a little bit overwhelming and I didn’t even read them – I was more interested in spending time at the resort relaxing.

Activities on & off the Jade Mountain Resort

The only trip I did outside of the resort was a visit to the nearby 40 acre Emerald Farm, where I got to taste some of the locally grown produce and learn how chocolate was made. At other resorts I may have spent more time off the resort, taking a boat to explore other islands. However, I did a minimal amount of that while at Jade Mountain. When your room is so exquisitely beautiful, why would you want to go anywhere else?

I loved that there was so much to do at the resort itself, especially the complimentary yoga classes. I took a class every day during my stay, as it really helped me to relax and live in the moment. The gym was a little small, but I got plenty of exercise going up and down the steps of the resort.

We also came across complimentary guided walks along the trails and several  opportunities to enjoy watersports such as snorkeling, kayaking and windsurfing. The snorkeling was a delight – the water is so warm and clear and I could see such diverse and colourful creatures beneath it.

Dining at Jade Mountain All Inclusive

Of course, I can’t forget the food!

I have a deep appreciation for fine seafood, so the menu at the Jade Mountain Club delighted me.

Chef Allen Susser is known for his eatery Chef Allen’s in Miami and he is a master at capturing the subtle and complex flavors of fish fresh from the sea. I loved the delicate freshness of the kingfish ceviche so much that I ordered it again the next day. I also tried lionfish for the first time – delicious!

Incredible cuisine at the Jade Mountain all inclusive resort.

Then, just when I thought this resort couldn’t get any better, I found out that Jade Mountain is also home to a chocolate lab that is the only fully “bean to bar” chocolate maker in St. Lucia. They grow their own beans locally, then process them into mouthwatering chocolate. I had to bring home several bars for my friends of course… as well as for myself.

An Unforgettable Stay at the Jade Mountain Resort

One of the most magical moments on this resort was the night when I discovered the Celestial Terrace. It is located on the top of the hotel above the restaurant. It is a roofless lounge that provides an ideal setting for stargazing. With barely any light pollution in this remote and pristine setting, I was able to gaze up at the Milky Way filling the sky – I even saw a shooting star!

The staff at this resort are very good at taking care of the little details and make you feel perfectly comfortable. For example, they had no problem extending my checkout time until I had to leave for my flight – it wasn’t even an issue.

That was perfect, as I wanted to soak up every last moment in this beautiful sanctuary and I wished I could stay there forever.